W11: Evaluating Digital Humanities Methods and Tools for the OpenMethods Metablog: An OpenMethods Edit-a-thon

ZEIT: MONTAG 14:00 — 17:30

Christopher Nunn1Alíz Horváth2Ulrike Wuttke3
Organisation(en): 1: Universität Heidelberg; 2: Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary); 3: Fachhochschule Potsdam

The workshop invites scholars in the arts and humanities, irrespective of their background, to explore the innovative platform of OpenMethods metablog. The nominated papers for this platform are assessed based on seven criteria: Scope, Openness, Relevance, Clarity, Diversity, Language, and Assessment and Validation. During the workshop, these criteria will be thoroughly discussed, such as whether nominated contents should only be about non-peer-reviewed formats like blog posts or podcasts. The workshop aims to engage participants in conceptual discussions, evaluating nominations, and crafting introductions for the metablog. The ultimate goal is to foster sustainability through community involvement and encourage participants to spread the word and collaborate with the platform.